8 Amazing Forests that Will Turn You Into a Tree Hugger

Many people don’t consider trees as main vacation attractions. Then again, most people haven’t stood next to a tree that towers more than 250 feet above their heads, with a trunk so big they could drive their cars through it. Once you’ve been in a crowded forest of bamboo gently bending in unison from the breeze, or in an expansive desert where short, prickly trees pop out of sand and you half expect The Lorax to greet you, you’ll think again about making trees a priority on your destination list. Carve some time out to see these incredible trees during your travels:

Baobab [Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar]

Tree: Baobob
Where: Alley of Baobobs, Madagascar
Rambling through the Menabe region of Madagascar is the Avenue of Baobobs. This dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribhina has gained international recognition for its distinctive landscape. Depending on the species, a baobob can reach a height of more than 150 feet and a diameter of more than 50 feet. Baobobs have been called “a defining icon of African bushland.”
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Lauren Elizondo

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