5 Reasons to Visit Singapore

Singapore’s reputation as a straight-laced, law-abiding locale isn’t misplaced. Although  it’s also home to a culture that swirls together influences from China, Malaysia and India, as well as the West – a result of its history as a British trading colony. It’s a city, it’s a country, and though it’s not big in area, it’s a hugely fascinating place to see.

Here are five reasons why Singapore should be on your list:

Sri Mariamman Temple [Singapore]
Sri Mariamman Temple | Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple, founded in 1827, is an active place of worship, as well as a popular tourist site. The gopuram (entrance tower) is covered in brightly colored plaster sculptures.

Hainanese Chicken [Singapore]Hainanese chicken rice | Singapore’s national dish, chicken rice, should be on your must-taste list. It’s available in Singapore’s numerous “hawker centers,” which are food courts on a whole other level.

China Town [Singapore]
Chinatown | Dive into the heart of Singapore’s Chinese culture, where stately colonial architecture mixes with temples, teahouses, bustling shops and tons of tempting restaurants.

Buki Timah Nature Reserve [Singapore]
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve | Yes, a rainforest can rub elbows with a metropolis. Bukit Timah, a 400-acre reserve of primary rainforest, is about 12 kilometers from the heart of the city, but feels worlds away. Watch out for the mischievous monkeys – the National Parks organization recommends you don’t make eye contact or smile at them.

Raffles Hotel [Singapore]
Wikipedia | CC BY 2.0
Raffles Hotel | If you’ve been craving a step back in time, make a reservation at the Raffles, a colonial-era hotel that still retains its reputation for elegance. Or, if the cost of a stay is a little rich for your blood, have a cocktail in the atmospheric Long Bar, where the Singapore Sling was invented. It’s a good idea to dress up a bit for the occasion.

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Gina Czupka

Gina’s first solo trip abroad, at age 16, changed her life. Since then, travel has been her passion and it’s her mission to convince others that they really can make travel a part of their lives. These days, she seeks out destinations where she can indulge her taste for adventure and shop for additions to her textile collection. Some of her favorite experiences from recent trips have included eating bun cha in Hanoi and feeding hyenas in Ethiopia.

Gina’s Favorite Travel Tip: When traveling abroad, learn enough of the language to be polite (hello, thank you, goodbye) and to shop and haggle (numbers and colors).

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