From the Ocean to the Outback: Australia's Best Natural Attractions

Where can you find Technicolor coral reefs, gigantic sandstone pillars jutting from the ocean and pouched animals hanging high in trees? If you guessed Australia – you’re right! Most people have heard about the continent’s iconic natural attractions, but have yet to see them in person.  Once you’ve stood side-by-side with the Twelve Apostles or snorkeled among the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll understand why The Land Down Under deserves your physical presence. Don’t skip these must-see places: 

Bungle Bungle Ranges [Australia]

Bungle Bungle Ranges | A massive cluster of striped stone domes rise from the arid terrain of Western Australia, making up the Bungle Bungle range. This strange landscape has been formed over the course or 350 million years and used by Aboriginal people as sacred ritual grounds. It is still a mystery as to how the range was formed, but travelers to the area now have a chance to experience the deep gorges rife with waterfalls and pools between the rounded outcroppings via outback trek.
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