The 20 Most Shockingly Beautiful Places in America You'd Be Crazy to Ignore

Technicolor springs, 300-foot-tall trees, hikeable lava fields – these are only a few of the awe-inspiring natural wonders you’ll find across America. From the icy terrain of Alaska to the moss-covered Floridian everglades, which ones have you seen?

Napali Coast [Kauai, Hawaii]

Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaiian Islands | Travel to the northwest side of Kauai and you’ll find the geologically stunning Napali Coast. This rugged shoreline (reaching as high as 4,000 feet) is only accessible by helicopter, foot or water, via kayak or paddleboard.

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Lauren Elizondo

Autumn foliage, architectural decay, that feeling you get in your stomach when you speed over a dip in the road – these are just a few of Lauren Elizondo’s favorite things she’s had the chance to experience while traveling. When Lauren’s not writing abo