7 Underground Lakes Spelunkers Will Worship

Mysterious and unknown, caves have always lured adventurers underground. When a river or a lake fills up a cave, the space becomes that much more intriguing. Prepare to be fascinated in these seven water-filled caves: 

Sossusvlei [Namibia]

Dragon’s Breath Cave, Namibia | Mysterious Dragon’s Breath Cave makes its presence known when its water vapors steam up out of the ground and disperse over the Kalahari Desert. To enter this remote cave, divers and scientists have to descend on ropes from the dusty desert to the vast, mostly uncharted lake below.
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Carmen Fifield

The delight of finding an unknown park, a captivating history museum or a fantastic desert means exploration is never far from Carmen Fifield’s mind. Carmen’s favorite travel memories include biking to historic sites on the island of Guernsey, huffing and puffing up the stairs to the Great Wall of China and eating the most delicious crab cake ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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