The Only 10 Items You'll Need to Pack for Your Bahamas Vacation

Have you booked your tickets to the Bahamas? The country’s 700 islands and 2,400 cays are waiting to be explored. Nature and people live in a harmonious balance, where visitors are encouraged to leave their footprints in the soft sands under a sky that is as clear as the water. Pack your bag for this island escape and don’t leave home without these 10 items (they’re really all you’ll need!):

Brilliant ocean beach sunrise with palm trees [Bahamas]

Sunscreen | A trip in the sun won’t be fun if your skin turns a tender shade of tomato red. Practice safe sunbathing by applying at least a layer of 30 SPF 20 minutes before you head outside, using a spray sunscreen for those tricky parts in your hair and reapplying after swimming. Don’t worry, you’ll still come home with a sun-kissed look. 

Swimsuit | It’s not a trip to the Bahamas without some quality beach time. The glittering shorelines draw you in like a hypnotic trance. Take your pick of pink to white sands, secluded or bustling. Swim offshore to see the colorful reefs and fishes!

Hat | Spend your day made in the shade. A stylish and protective hat will keep you cool and out of the sun during a busy day of outdoor activities. 

Flip Flops | Barefoot is even better in the Bahamas, but you do need some shoes to slide on before entering establishments. Opt for the iconic beachwear that you can easily slip off as soon as your toes hit the sand. 

Something with sleeves | Unless you’re visiting during the peak summer months, the balmy Bahamas become a bit breezy and cool at night. Don’t retreat indoors, though. Opt for a light jacket or windbreaker to see the side of the islands that come alive after the sun sets. 

Sun Dress | A sun dress is the perfect balance of carefree and put-together. It can serve as a cover-up to your swimsuit or an effortless outfit for dinner. An added bonus: They take up almost no room in your suitcase. Roll up multiple options for a range of easy, cute ensembles. 

Dinner Outfit | Trade your beach-day uniform for something fancy once in a while. Reserve an evening of your vacation for a night on the town. Take the opportunity to dress to the nines for a fine meal and dancing.

Camera! | Whether you choose to capture your adventure in the moment with a wearable sports camera or you stick with your convenient phone camera, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have to tools you need to record your Caribbean getaway. 

Motion-sickness medicine | There’s no guarantee you’ll need it, but motion-sickness medicine isn’t something to you’d want to be without if you need it. Chances are you’ll be enjoying water activities where tummy-upsetting waves could get the best of you. Pack it and be thankful you have it!

Passport | Your passport is probably the most vital component of the packing list. You can’t enter paradise without the proper documents. Keep a copy of it in your luggage and at home with a trusted friend or family member in addition to the original you’ll need to enter the country. 

Now get packing! Here are five reasons you need to visit the Bahamas ASAP. 


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