The Truth Behind the Bermuda Triangle

You are not destined to doom upon entering the tropical area bounded by the apexes of Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. What you are fated to find are Atlantic beach havens. The Bermuda Triangle has been rumored to be mythical in quality, as unexplained occurrences have been blamed on everything from extra-terrestrial activity to otherworldly dimensions. It’s more likely the ships and planes that have been rumored to disappear in the area simply didn’t want to leave this slice of paradise. Learn about the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle:


Myth | Compasses don’t work in the Bermuda Triangle.
Truth | The needle of a compass is attracted by the magnetism of the Earth, which draws it to point towards the constantly shifting magnetic North Pole. Things get a bit tricky in the Bermuda Triangle. It is one of two places on the planet where the compass points true north, instead of magnetic north. This isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Pilots and sailors know to adjust compasses to compensate for variation between magnetic north and true north, a common chore of the trade. A pilot who doesn’t calibrate will get lost in any part of the world. 

Myth | Vessels are lost forever, never to return.
Truth | Stories run rampant of unexplained disappearances. Ships have gone unaccounted for. Planes have vanished from the sky. The truth is, the number of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are no greater than that of other similarly trafficked areas of the world’s oceans. Tragedy can strike, but no more often than other waters. It’s not into a third dimension these ill-fated vessels slip into, but instead the Gulf Stream. The flowing current can quickly carry away the evidence of a disaster. 

Myth | It’s dangerous to visit Bermuda.
Truth | The islands of Bermuda sit as the supposed most enchanted point of the three vertices. Its bewitching beauty is the stuff of legends, nicknamed the “Devil’s Islands” by sea travelers tempted to make it ashore. The sounds of exotic birds and pigs running wild were novel, and frightened the voyagers. Intrepid travelers today know that these tales simply add to the magical allure of the island, one that is beckoning you in with pink sands and aquamarine waters. Find delight on the isolated island group, and you may be tempted to stay forever on the islands yourself.  

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