Scotland: 10 Reasons Why Every Traveler Loves It

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales make up the United Kingdom family, vying for the world’s attention like any four siblings hoping to pull ahead as favorite. Similar to the oft-forgotten middle child, Scotland recently decided it might be its time to shine by taking up a cry for independence.

While Scotland ultimately decided to forgo leaving the U.K.’s household a little while longer, the historical country with plenty of charm both in its landscape and its people has found a way into hearts all over. Here’s why you should play favorites and recognize Scotland as the best part of the U.K.:

Edinburgh Skyline [Edinburgh, Scotland]

10. Edinburgh | Edinburgh and its castle atop the hill are intertwined with the seaside rocky landscape. Walk from medieval times in the Old Town with its turreted skyline to neoclassical New Town for a changing perspective.

9. Whiskey | Whiskey bottles the essence of Scotland into one smooth drink. Scottish whiskey, or scotch, has a long history of revelry and comradery dating back to 1495.

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