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Denmark at a Glance

It is exciting to explore Denmark whether you hit the streets on your bicycle, wander through the countryside on foot, or view the coastline from the window of your car.

Hit the city streets in Copenhagen for the biggest concentration of Michlin starred restaurants in Scandinavia. The dining options are limitless from white table clothes all the way to a rickety table in front of a cafe. Try seafood, Danish sweets, locally sourced meals, forager meals and haute cuisine. When you can't eat any more, take cobblestone streets to get to museums, theaters, shopping and nightlife. 

For a more intimate look at Denmark, head to Ribe, Denmarks oldest medieval town. Half-timbered houses lean inward towards you and storks line the roof of the city hall. Sample chocolate, watch the cows and rent a bike for some countryside riding.

When in Denmark, don't forget to learn about the Vikings. Visit museums to see Viking helmets, boats and treasure. Look out to the countryside to find their ruins. Hike, bike, explore Denmark, and when you are tired, head to the beach for a rest.

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  • Major Airport Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde

Passport / Visa Requirements

American, Canadian and European Union citizens do not need a visa to enter Denmark if they intend to stay there for less than three months. All travelers must carry a valid passport which could be subject to inspection at any time. For more information, contact a Danish consulate. American citizens may contact the U.S State Department website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Denmark has cool winters and cool summers. Bring your raincoat, especially for the autumn months.

Safety Concerns Denmark has a low rate of crime, but travelers should be careful with their personal belongings.

Health Concerns Denmark has good drinking water and a low rate of disease. Practice good hygiene to protect yourself from illness.

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