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Dinant at a Glance

The small city of Dinant lies between the Meuse River and a high cliff. A citadel looms on the cliffs over town and the churches and medieval buildings make for an atmospheric visit and good photography. Trains and buses run to Dinant from the larger city of Namur making Dinant a fun day trip destination.

Once in the city, enjoy yourself with a river cruise along the Meuse, or a cable car ride up to the citadel. The nearby city of Freyr has a renaissance chateau with river views and formal gardens. If you elect not to stray from Dinant, stroll the streets, visit the church and snag a table at a sidewalk cafe for some people watching and a snack.  

What to Expect
High Season
May - September
Low Season
October - April
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      Getting There
      Passport / Visa Requirements

      American, Canadian and European Union citizens do not need a visa to enter Belgium if they intend to stay there for less than three months. All travelers must carry a valid passport which could be subject to inspection at any time. American citizens can research travel requirements in Belgium by using the  U.S State Department's website.

      Getting Around
      Public Transportation
      • Railroad Gare de Dinant
      Need to Know

      Severe Weather: Dinant can be chilly and rainy during the winter months so come prepared with appropriate clothes. Year round weather is mild and snow is rare.

      Safety Concerns: Be wary of pickpockets in touristy areas, otherwise take normal safety precautions. Avoid dark, deserted areas at night. Keep cash and valuables out of sight and consider using a hotel safe to store your passport. 

      Health Concerns: Dinant has clean drinking water and good public health.