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Hawaii at a Glance

Who hasn't heard of beautiful Hawaii and its famous surfing? Beautiful beaches, active volcanoes and lush jungle forests are some of the wonderful places in Hawaii that you can explore. 

Hawaii is made up entirely of islands. The largest island is called Hawaii, but is often referred to as Hawaii Island, or the Big Island, to distinguish it from the state. When you're planning your trip you'll first have to narrow down which of the beautiful islands you will visit.

While on Hawaii Island, the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park is a must-visit. Here, visitors can hike, sightsee and learn about the study of volcanoes. In many areas on the island lava flows directly into the Pacific or across land. That means Hawaii is constantly gaining land area from its active volcanoes.  

If you visit Oahu you'll be spending some time in the vibrant city of Honolulu. Famous Waikiki Beach anchors the city's beach scene, but you'll find lovely, more hidden beaches all over the island.

Kauai's visitors are blown away by the fantastic landscape of  cliffs, headlands and canyons. The multi-colored canyons at  Waimea Canyon State Park are some of the most striking things you'll see. 

Maui charms nature lovers with waterfalls, jungle and the famously twisty Road to Hana. 

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Need to Know

Severe Weather Hawaii's weather is affected by trade winds. The island gets rain, but it is often very localized. Be cautious during occasional storm events.

Safety Concerns Crime rates in Hawaii vary by location, but are generally low. Research the areas you plan to visit and always institute practical precautions to protect yourself and your belongings.

Health Concerns Hawaii has good water quality and limited opportunities to catch serious illnesses. Stay healthy by washing hands and using good hygiene. 

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