Travel Planning
Kenai Fjords N.P.
Travel Planning
Kenai Fjords N.P.

Kenai Fjords National Park at a Glance

Kenai Fjords National Park encompasses over 5 million acres of forest wilderness area as well as an area where mountains go crashing abruptly into the ocean. The cliffs and inlets of these areas are called Fjords and you can kayak around them and get a unique perspective on the landscape. Kenai Fjords Park is also home to several glaciers. Visitors can easily access Exit Glacier by car and will find a visitors' center and bathrooms available. For those craving a back country experience, the park offers hundreds of miles of trails and many remote views of ice fields and glaciers. 

Like all Alaskan parks, Kenai Fjords has a significant bear population as well as moose and other wildlife. Enjoy these creatures from afar and get good bear training before going out on back country expeditions.  Whether you roam near or far from park amenities, wildflowers and wild creatures make travel here special. 

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      Need to Know

      Severe Weather: Parts of the park are closed during winter due to snow. Drivers should use caution during hazardous winter days. Wear warm clothing and carry supplies in case of stall. 


      Safety Concerns: Kenai Fjords National Park is a fairly safe area.  Exercise caution by protecting your valuables and traveling in groups. 


      Health Concerns Like all wilderness areas in Alaska, Kenai Fjords has lots of mosquitoes and plenty of bears. Protect yourself from overwhelming numbers of insect bites and receive bear training to know how to safely enjoy the area. Water should be filtered if not from a known source.