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Morocco at a Glance

Morocco is a colorful landscape filled with tan deserts, red sandstone buildings, piles of spices and looms stretched with colorful textiles. Delve into this gorgeous pallet and explore the exotic deserts, rugged mountains and lush seacoast that Moroccans call home. 

As you walk through the alleyways and courtyards of Morocco's old city medinas, follow the footsteps that traders, weavers and everyday citizens have been treading for hundreds of years. Several of these ancient places are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In Morocco's countryside, get to know the rugged landscapes and the tribes. Desert sands blow blinding hot in some places, while in the mountains, water cascades over rocks. Morocco's indigenous people have been living with the landscapes for a thousand years. Spices, textiles and animals make up the fabric of life. Join in and find out what Morocco has to offer.  

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Travelers to Morocco do not need a visa if their visit will be less than 90 days. All travelers must have a valid passport from their country of origin with at least one page available for stamping. For more information, contact the Moroccan Consulate's office. American citizens can find additional guidance on the U.S State Department's website. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather Morocco's summer heat can be dangerous and is often oppressive. On the flip-side, winter can be surprisingly chilly, especially at higher elevations. 

Safety Concerns: Morocco's tourist police has helped crack down on scams targeting tourists, but watch out for pickpockets, touts and false guides. Women should avoid walking around alone at night and should dress modestly to reduce the amount of unwanted attention they receive on the street. Tourists who purchase or do drugs in Morocco may face harsh penalties and jail time. The risk isn't really worth the gain. 

Health Concerns Bring a water filter to purify your water while you are in Morocco. 

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