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Travel Planning

Mumbai at a Glance

Visitors to Mumbai revel in fashion, nightlife, cinema and art as well as the city's Hindu history. 

Mumbai can be chaotic and loud for the first-time visitor, so get oriented. Enjoy shopping at open air markets, upscale Indian boutiques and international luxury stores. Get dinner at an up and coming restaurant or a humble food stall. Party with Bollywood stars in a swank club or attend a gallery opening for some champagne and new art. 

For a quieter trip, visit Chowpatty Beach for a sunset stroll or an afternoon with kids and families on the beach. Walk through town to see Art Deco apartments, Islamic architecture and fast-growing modern buildings of glass and steel. Indulge in home cooking, cool tea and hot coffee and enjoy the quiet side of life in Mumbai. 


What to Expect
High Season
December - March
Low Season
April - November
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      Getting There
      Major Airports
      • Major Airport Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

      Passport / Visa Requirements

      American citizens and many other nationals need a visa to travel, work or study in India. Contact the Indian Embassy for more information and to understand specific requirements. American citizens can research travel requirements using the U.S State Department's website as well. 

      Getting Around
      Public Transportation
      • Light Rail / Rapid Transit Mumbai Suburban Railway Network
      Need to Know

      Severe Weather Monsoon season occurs during the summer and it can be quite wet and muddy in some places. 

      Safety Concerns Keep valuables out of sight and use a money belt or a hotel safe to store your passport and other valuables. Keep a small stash of cash easily accessible so you don't have to expose your money belt each time you make a purchase. All travelers should decline food, drinks and drugs offered to them by strangers and be on the lookout for scammers, thieves and shady characters. Some regions of India suffer from political violence and instability. Be advised if you travel in an unstable area. 

      Health Concerns Vaccinations are recommended but not required of visitors to certain regions of India. Contact your doctor at least two months before your trip to learn about preventative health measures you may need. While in India, drink bottled water, or boil tap water for three minutes to avoid getting sick.