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Reykjavik at a Glance

Reykjavik is an enchanting mix of a 21st century party city and the ancient site of Viking villages. Let the past and the present take you by a storm.

Reykjavik's boxy, colorful buildings sit with their windows facing the cold North Atlantic. Mountains rear up in the distance and form a background for the capital city's many church spires. Wander Reykjavik's old town on bike or on foot. Feed the ducks, jog, walk or ice skate in the little lake at the center of the city. Duck into a cafe for a pick-me-up and an introduction to the city's locals. In museums, let the spirit and the sagas of the Vikings over take you. Then head out into the countryside to find your own ruins, or perhaps just to enjoy the same view of the sea that the Vikings did. In Reykjavik, beauty is only ever just around the corner. 


What to Expect
High Season
May - September
Low Season
October - April
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      Getting There
      Major Airports
      • Major Airport Keflavik International Airport

      Passport / Visa Requirements

      American, Canadian and European Union citizens do not need a visa to enter Iceland if they intend to stay there for less than three months. All travelers must carry a valid passport which could be subject to inspection at any time. American citizens can find out more information by using the U.S State Department website.

      Need to Know

      Severe Weather: Cold weather and snow buffet Iceland during the winter months. Be prepared with warm clothes and appropriate footwear. Summers are warm, and mild with occasional rain. 

      Safety Concerns: Reykjavik is one of the safest cities in the world. Watch out for drunken Friday night revelers and don't lose your valuables when you join in the party.

      Health Concerns Iceland has no mandatory vaccination program and the country is extremely healthy. Speak with your doctor to learn more about wellness during travel.