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Russia at a Glance

From the Siberian steppes to the Black Sea to the crown cities of western Russia, travelers have two continents worth of territory to explore when they visit Russia.

Vast Siberia is covered with dense forests and deep winter snow.  Hike, bike or white water raft in many of the exciting mountains and rivers. Many travelers can't resist the romance of the trans-Siberian railway and it could be you listening to the unforgettable sound of a train swaying down a long line of tracks with its lonesome whistle filling up the night.

In the European cities, explore the historic architecture of the grand Eastern Orthodox Churches as well as palaces and city buildings. Have a night at the ballet and feast on warm and filling Russian delicacies. Visit museums and enjoy all that these modern cities have to offer.

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Tourists to Russia must have a visa and visa requirements vary depending on your country of origin. American travelers need to prove they have hotel reservations, home stay accommodations, or a through-destination if they pass through Russia during transit. Upon arrival in Russia, you must register your visa. Travelers are also given an entry card which they should not lose. Failure to follow through with all the steps of a Russian visa could result in fines and difficulty leaving the country. Russian consular offices can update travelers of all nationalities about their specific requirements for visiting Russia. American citizens can learn more at the U.S State Department Website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Russian winters are cold, snowy and very dark. Watch out for bad traffic and wear warm clothes to avoid frostbite or hypothermia.

Safety Concerns Avoid walking streets at night in Russia. Stick to crowded, well lit areas, but watch your belongings. Pickpockets are common. Police in Russia can sometimes be corrupt so be on your guard. 

Health Concerns Speak with your doctor before traveling to Russia. Rabies, hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV are all concerns for the traveler. Drink bottled water in Russia, especially when in St. Petersburg.

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