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Senegal at a Glance

Senegal is full of surprises. Its northern desert and southern rain forests are edged with inviting beaches. Whether you want a jungle trek or a vacation on the beach, Senegal can deliver. Urbanites will find plenty to love about the capital city Dakar where culture, fashion and tradition enjoy and intoxicating mix. 

Most tourists head right to the resort areas directly to the north and south of Dakar. Here you can lounge on perfectly white sand beaches and catch a stylish cocktail hour in the evenings. For something more remote, hole up in a fishing village. You'll find sun, sand and meditative calm. 

If urban Africa is what you are after, you'll find no better place to explore than Dakar. Shake off the street hustlers and discover the vibrant arts scene and the fascinating mixture of French and Senegalese culture. 

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Travelers to Senegal need a valid passport with at least six months remaining validity. You must pre-enroll for a visa before traveling and while you can pick up the pre-paid visa at the border, it's best to have the visa in hand when you arrive. Evidence of a yellow fever vaccination is also a requirement for entry if you are coming from a yellow fever endemic country. American travelers can visit the U.S. State Department's website for more information. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather Senegal has a hot, rainy season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. The climate is warm year round. 

Safety Concerns Travelers should protect themselves from street crime by not carrying credit cards, avoiding the streets at night and sticking with the group during the day. Areas bordering Mauritania and Mali are considerably less secure than the rest of the country due to conflicts in those countries. This region should be avoided. 

Health Concerns Travelers should speak with their doctor two months before their trip to schedule vaccinations and discuss health concerns. Malaria is a prevalent illness. Visitors should purify or boil water and avoid eating fruits and vegetables unless they've been washed in a bleach solution. 

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