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Travel Planning

Thailand at a Glance

Thailand has absolutely world class beaches, dreamy Buddhist temples and a thick jungles to get lost in. Add in delicious food and welcoming locals and you have a trip planned to paradise. 

Buddhist temples and holy shrines fill every corner of Thailand, just as religion permeates much of everyday life. Listen to the far off chant of monks or feel the rhythmic pounding of their drums. Go on a Buddhist retreat, or take part in one of the colorful festivals that clog the streets and fill people's conversations. Visit a moss shrouded temple and admire the delicate carvings and statuary. Discover a shrine while hiking in the jungle. 

When you've had your fill of temples and religious sites, visit the beach. Thailand's beaches are white, sandy and blue. Snorkle, scuba dive, or just crack open a book. At night, people celebrate their leisure here with plenty of partying. Join the fun, or opt out and enjoy a quiet and delicious meal before turning in. 

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Passport / Visa Requirements

American, European, Canadian and many other tourists do not need a visa to visit Thailand. Check with a Thai embassy or consulate to learn more about your particular requirements. American citizens can utilize the U.S State Department website to research travel requirements for countries all over the world. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather and Seismic Events June through October is the rainy season. Thailand can experience earthquakes and more devastatingly, tsunamis. Stay alert and seek high ground during an earthquake or if the water pulls away from the beach. 

Safety Concerns Keep your wits about you if you decide to party hard in Thailand. Both local and foreign thieves and rapists have been known to drug drinks. Travelers should keep their valuables out of sight and avoid walking around at night, especially alone. Some areas of Thailand see violence and terrorist activities. It is a good idea to plan your travels in stable areas. American citizens can check the U.S State Department website to learn about travel alerts and warnings. 

Health Concerns Talk with your doctor about possible vaccinations at least two months before your trip. Travelers will want to purify their water to avoid stomach problems. 

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