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U.S. Plains
Travel Planning
U.S. Plains

U.S. Plains at a Glance

The wide open spaces of the plains states have attracted adventurers for over two-hundred years. While the plains states aren't quite the uncharted wilds that Louis and Clarke trekked across in 1803, you can still indulge your sense of adventure as you explore these states.

From the safety of indoors, take in the awesome violence of a summer storm racing across the prairie. Enjoy a warm summer day cooling off by a river or a reservoir. Hike across preserved prairie spaces when the spring flowers are in bloom. Take in a rodeo or visit a living history museum. If you like the feel of the wide open road before you, get in your car and drive through the endless fields of America's Breadbasket. The urban adventurer can find a lot to love about the plains states as well. Good music, food, museums and fun downtown areas make the plains states come alive.

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Need to Know

Severe Weather The plains states are impacted by severe thunderstorms, straight-line winds and tornadoes. Take shelter in the event of a severe weather event.

Safety Concerns Crime varies throughout the plains states. Stay safe by sticking with the group, locking your car and leaving valuables in safe places.

Health Concerns: The plains states have good drinking water and communicable diseases are generally limited to colds and flu. Stay healthy by washing your hands and getting enough sleep. 

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