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Vilnius at a Glance

Quirky Vilnius has a long history worth exploring and is experiencing a re-birth of art and culture since its release from the Soviet Union.

Stroll the cobblestone streets of Vilnius and watch the city's Catholic history unfold. Churches are around each corner, but none is as striking as the pure white Vilnius Cathedral. This Catholic cathedral has the body of a Grecian temple with columns holding up a front overhang of the roof. A freestanding white and gold tower contains the bells and is one of Vilnius's symbols. Visitors can see the church, but don't spend too long because there's lots to do in the city.

Look at the individual art galleries that have been springing up here in the last few years. Learn about Soviet oppression in the KGB Museum. Shop, eat, dance and get ready to experience the city's independent music scene. Where eve you go, there will be something fun or beautiful to draw you in.

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High Season
May - September
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October - April
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      Getting There
      Major Airports
      • Major Airport Vilnius Airport

      Passport / Visa Requirements

      American, Canadian and European Union citizens do not need a visa to enter Lithuania if they intend to stay there for less than three months. All travelers must carry a valid passport which could be subject to inspection at any time. American citizens can find out more information by using the U.S State Department website.

      Need to Know

      Severe Weather Lithuania has mild summers that can become chilly. Winters are cool and snowy. Be prepared for bad winter driving, flight delays and other winter storm related travel problems.

      Safety Concerns Stay in well-lit areas at night and stick with the crowds. Always lock up bags, bikes and belongings if you are staying in a hotel or hostel. Remove valuables from your car each night and don't leave belongings on your car seats during the day. 

      Health Concerns Vilnius has good public health. Stay away from stray dogs because they could be rabid.