Why Private Guided Tours are a Traveler's Best Friend

Family on camelback [Morocco, Africa]

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Have you ever considered a private guided tour? If not, you’re missing out on the opportunity to discover a better way to travel. One that takes you well beyond the traditional group tour experience and into a new world of tailor-made itineraries and unforgettable experiences. No matter where you want to go next – Greece, Myanmar,  Thailand, The Galapagos – once you experience a private tour, you’ll never go back.

We asked the award-winning travel experts at Kensington Tours what to expect from a private tours. Here’s what they said:

Safari [Thornybush Private Game Reserve, Africa]

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Each moment is tailor-made for you. Unlike traditional group tours where you are shuffled on and off the bus in a series of compromises, private guided tours give you the opportunity to really explore what thrills you. Expert trip planners make sure your itinerary is tailor-made to fit your unique needs and interests. If your dream is to learn Vietnamese cooking, your guide will make sure you spend time exploring local markets and taking cooking classes. It’s that simple. 

Freedom & flexibility. Linger longer to watch the lion cubs play, explore an out of the way artisan studio in Rome (instead of yet another Duomo), choose value wise hotels for the first half of your trip so you can indulge on the homestretch – this is the freedom and flexibility only possible on a custom tour. And these are the type of experiences that transform both the trip and the traveler.

Enjoy an adventure crafted by destination experts. Working with a savvy destination expert saves you from making timely and costly mistakes and helps transform a simple vacation to a life-changing adventure. An experienced destination expert knows the old, the new, the different and the out-of-this-world and will customize your itinerary to exacting specifications. You’ll experience legendary travel perfectly suited to your needs. 

Explore with passionate local guides. There’s something special about experiencing a city or a country with someone who lives there. You will get the inside scoop on food, culture and sights off the beaten track. A local, experienced guide has the deep connection with the people and the place necessary to create compelling stories and enduring memories you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. 

Expect peace of mind and convenience. Private guided tours open up the door to truly uninhibited travel. English-speaking guides and private drivers will help you quickly get where you want to go most. An insider’s perspective helps you find the shortest lines, skip the unremarkable and avoid the hassle. Perhaps most important of all, a private guided tour gives you an extra layer of security when visiting unfamiliar destinations. You can enjoy a truly stress-free trip of a lifetime. 

Make The Most of Every Moment. Life is short so make the most of every moment. A tailor-made itinerary and vetted expert guides ensures that you make the most of your travel investment and every aspect of your trip. Discover the places that move you most, forge deeper connections with people and experience unforgettable moments.

It’s a Great Value. While you might think that a private tour would be out of your reach – Kensington offers a variety of options ranging from value to luxury trips that showcase the world’s most extraordinary places like never before.

 If this sounds like a great way to experience the world – then we’ve got even better news. Right now you can discover private guided travel at even greater value – with Kensington’s once-in-a-lifetime guided trips!

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