What Will African Safaris Look Like in 2015 and Beyond?

The goal of the safari will always be the same. It’s an immersion in majestic lands – in places most of us are unfamiliar with living in our own concrete jungle. How travelers safari, however, is always changing. Humphrey Gumpo, safari guide extraordinaire and one of The 25 Best Safari Guides chosen by Condé Nast Traveler, shared his predictions on what to expect from the safaris of the future:

Etosha National Park [Namibia, Africa]

You’ll be able to get closer to animals. Safaris can be a bit underwhelming. Wild animals are unpredictable, leaving you seeing all of the big five game animals or none at all. What guides and tour operators are beginning to do however, is remove that veil of uncertainty. Hides (small areas that are completely hidden from view in an animal habitat, i.e. watering hole) are coming into popularity, an experience that puts you into the heart of the habitats. Hides shroud you from the animals, allowing them to react and move as if you weren’t even there. You, on the other hand, are within almost touching range.
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