Did You Know These Beautiful Islands Were Even Here?

Vast and deep, the South Pacific is home to some of the world’s most bucolic islands. While it’s tough to know which gorgeous island to visit, it helps to know what’s out there besides Tahiti and Bora Bora. Look beyond the honeymoon brochure book and get to know some of South Pacific’s most interesting islands: 

Upolu Island [Samoa]

6. Samoa | Samoa’s wild volcanic landscape is overgrown with lush jungle. If you aren’t snorkeling around the coral reefs, or basking in the shallow turquoise water, hike through the crazily shaped volcanic rocks and the ruined villages lava covered long ago.

Stilt houses on beach [Auki, Solomon Islands]

5. Solomon Islands | Traditional life thrives on the intensely remote Solomon Islands. Visitors come here to learn about the tribal way of life and scuba dive the wreck sites of the WWII Battle of Guadalcanal.  

Lagoon at Sunset [Vanuatu]

4. Vanuatu | Vanuatu is home to the world’s only volcanic post office, which should tell you how unique this island really is. The island’s many waterfalls are popular abseiling spots and an off-shore luxury liner wreck makes for fascinating diving. 

Cross Island Trek [Rarotonga, Cook Islands, New Zealand]

3. Cook Islands | The Cook Islands’ crushed coral beaches are the purest white you’ll ever see. You might find yourself in a secluded lagoon or trekking up into a misty mountaintop. Island hop to get off the beaten path. 

Sea Turtle, Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary [American Samoa]

2. American Samoa | American Samoa’s ridiculously high sea cliffs and toothy, jungle-clad mountains will steal the majority of your camera memory. Down on the beach, you’ll be able to enjoy pristine coral reef and golden sand mostly by yourself. 

Beautiful Ocean and Clouds [Guam]

1. Guam | Guam has the luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts that make a tropical vacation hassle free. Tourist activity is centered on white sand Tumon Bay. Visit Two Lover’s Point for its enormous drop-off. 

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