Why You Should Be Spending Your Spring Break in Jamaica RIGHT NOW

As Mother Nature thwarts spring with one last final blow of snow, we’ve all got one thing on our mind: sunshine. With its bright light and warm rays, we’re itching for it to make its return and melt our frosted surroundings. You could wait for summer to make its grand entrance, or you could skip the delay and make a beeline straight to Jamaica. 

Jamaica is the king of spring break destinations with its all-inclusive resorts, laidback island culture, expansive beaches, underwater wonders and most importantly – tropical climate. Break out the bathing suit a little earlier than planned, you deserve to thaw out in the average temperature of 81 degrees on this slice of paradise. Here’s what you’re missing out on:

Beautiful tropical beach [Jamaica]

Take-Your-Breath-Away Beaches | Conventions of the mainland are swept away by the island breeze. The sands of Jamaica are best felt between your toes, no socks or shoes separating you from the hundreds of miles of coastline. Experience the beach, surf and seaside bars in barefoot contentment. 

Bar hop the seemingly endless Seven Mile Beach of Negril, the longest beach of Jamaica. Stop into one of the seashore establishments for an apt daiquiri or an ice cold Red Stripe while being swallowed by colors as the sun sets on Jamaica’s west end. If it’s sandy solitude you seek, head to Treasure Beach on the South Coast. This fishing town is your opportunity to mingle with locals far from crowds of tourists. Nearly every coastal city in Jamaica has a unique shoreline to offer, and all are equally stunning. 

Reggae Music [Jamaica]

Exclusive Reggae Rhythms | This Caribbean island has musical roots that encompass West African folk songs and electronic rhythms that pulsate through night clubs. In Jamaica, music is life and is incorporated into every day. Yes, the island claims the legendary icon of Bob Marley and his reggae legacy as their own, but there are so many other influential genres that serve as the soundtrack to island life beyond the calypso blues.

Gospel sounds emit from churches across the land every week. Steel drums resound with their echoing melodies. Ska serves as an anthem for many. It’s undisputable that Jamaica is a powerhouse of tunes, and you’ll be swaying in the breeze with the strums of a bass guitar as your guide. 

Jamaican Jerk Chicken [Jamaica]

Foodie Favorites of Jamaica | Everything tastes better on the island, especially when accompanied by locally-distilled rum. Every dish seems fresher, sweeter and richer. You’ll have to make the call whether that’s from the locally-sourced ingredients grown under the tropical sun or the after-effects of one too many mai tai. 

The must-try to order from this cuisine that can be best described as a global kitchen is the famous jerk meat. Jerk and curry season your choice of chicken or pork, delivering a delicious one-two punch of spice. Immerse yourself in the multitude of other worldly tastes and influences the island has to offer, like a cup of local Blue Mountain coffee, yams and bananas from Africa, pickled meats brought over by Europeans and cassava that was first eaten by the indigenous Arawaks.  

Island Golfing [Jamaica]

Island Golf | Jamaica delivers with 18 holes of luxury and sport for golfers of all abilities. Any game is a great game when it involves a background of Jamaica’s most beautiful landscapes, whether it be the scattered peaks of the Blue Mountains or ocean views as you play through Montego Bay. The hazards here are welcome, coming in the form of hilly jungles, swaying palms and panoramic views that easily distract. 

Sunset [Negril, Jamaica]

Epic Swimming, Snorkling and Surfing | The calm and serene surface of the waters transform from glassy pools of reflection to your key to adventure with a quick splash as you dive in. A whole new world is awaiting you just below the surface. Jamaica is a prime destination for swimming and snorkeling with its off-shore corals, aqua waves and marine life that abounds. 

Try the waters of Jamaica’s Rockhouse Beach. Here you can rent a bungalow that’s nearby the town of Negril, and steps away from underwater caves, grottos and schools of silverfish and snake eels. For the best of the best in Jamaica snorkeling though, you’ll need to take an offshore trip by boat to one of the far-off spots that are home to watery landscapes of red, purple, white and green coral, elegant angel fish, looming sharks and more. 

Test your skills to see if you’re just as graceful on the water as you are below it. If hanging 10 is on your agenda, Boston Bay Beach is your go-to spot. Near the town of Port Antonio, here you’ll find the biggest waves and the best surfing on all of the island. The sand is white, the water is clear and jerk pork sandwiches are served from seaside stands. It’s the surprising surfing getaway you never thought you’d find. 

In the end if you’d still rather be an observer of the sea rather than active participant, go cruising on a catamaran with the waves lapping beneath you. A sunset sail is just what you need to put the cherry on top of your spring break sundae. 

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