5 Baby-Friendly Vacations for Will, Kate and Every New Parent

Royal baby No. 2 will be arriving any day now, and mom and dad (better known to the world as Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) are eagerly awaiting the addition to their stately family. While this baby will be of regal brooding, he or she will come with a set of challenges that accompany any infant. Even Will and Kate can’t avoid the late night feedings and dirty diapers.

Traveling with a child creates even more trials and tribulations, with visions of forgetting bottles and hauling nappy bags through airports dancing in your head. What Will, Kate and you should know, though, is that traveling with your young charges can be one of the most rewarding experiences, even with the added hassle of packing wet wipes. 

Make your first family trip a little less daunting with these baby-friendly vacation spots and tips and tricks every parent on-the-go should know. 

Cruise ship at dock [Key West, Florida Keys, Florida]

Destinations need to be carefully selected with baby in tow. AKA, now might not be the time to extensively fill your calendar with a tour of the Italian countryside and city-hopping every other day. No one goes home happy at the end of that trip. What’s right up your alley though is a leisurely cruise. 

Don’t let the idea of the open seas intimate you from bringing baby along. Many cruise ships have family-friendly offerings, like babysitting services, shows for all ages and menus with cuisines that satisfy even the pickiest of toddlers. The best benefit? At any moment, you’re within easy access of your room to return for a much-needed nap. 

Give yourself the luxuries of home and a vacation combined. This is one top vacation spot that makes relaxing a breeze. Choose a beachside or woodsy locale within driving distance, that way you don’t have to go through security and the ridiculously hard-to-manage-with TSA regulations (how many liquids are allowed again?). 

Pack all the baby gear you want and pile into the car. Once you’ve arrived, enjoy the amenities of relaxing in your own space. Save some money cooking dinner in, relish sleeping to your heart’s content and enjoying this home away from home. 

A great alternative to a weekend full of bugs and slumbering on the ground is to explore National Parks by day, and snooze in a hotel at night. Mom and dad will love it for the beautiful scenery and the curiosity it peaks in their imaginative youngsters. The trails offer a path for pushing your stroller and exploring the natural wonders of the bright blue sky and scurrying critters that surround. 

Luxury Beach Resort [Mauritius, Africa]

Out of all the options, this one is the splurge, and a worthy one at that. Let luxury envelop you with meals and drinks being delivered to you poolside. The hotel is here to cater to you and your baby’s needs, with offerings like baby-proofing rooms, in-suite nannies and day cares to leave you free for some much needed alone time at the spa or on the greens of the back nine. 

This may not be the vacation of your dreams, but it does come with included and free childcare. No hotel concierge will be as welcoming to your visit as grandma and grandpa will. It’s the perfect option to transition your burgeoning family into travel mode, getting little ones accustomed to long stretches in the car and sleeping somewhere new. 

In the end you should go where your heart desires and what suits your family, but take it from us: a few destinations are more trouble than they’re worth.

  • For your first family trip, nix exotic anything from the list. If it requires long flights, shots and immunizations and a diet of malaria pills, it might very well be more stress than it’s worth right now. 
  • And even the most outdoorsy of couples will agree that camping with an accompanying young child is no easy feat. 
  • If you’ll need to travel over the river and through the woods….and around the bend, through the tunnel, on a bridge and down the highway for more than six hours, maybe wait until the baby’s older 
  • When you and your loved one are looking for a romantic getaway, bed and breakfasts are the perfect option. They’re quaint, quiet and charming – and for those reasons you should reconsider bringing baby. It’s likely the accommodation won’t have a lot of baby gear on hand and your fellow houseguests will be more than a little displeased when crying wakes them from their reveries. 

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