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We're planning a trip to Oahu and the big Island. So far we have plans to see Pearl Harbor and a helicopter trip over an active volcano. Beyond that, do you have any "must-do" activities or favorite restaurants?

posted 12/16/2014 by scott7453 Hawaii

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I was on Oahu for 3 days about 15 years ago. We rented a jeep and drove around the Island, went snorkeling, hung out at Waikiki beach, went to Pearl Harbor, and BBQ'd on the beach. Don't recall any restaurants, but we did have a traditional Hawaiian luau one evening. You really can't go wrong with anything you do there, it's a great place to visit. Have fun!

posted 12/18/2014 by kmswenson14

I love Oahu. You can go up to the North Shore to see the big, breaking waves where a lot of surf competitions happen. If you are into snorkeling, I would recommend Hanauma Bay, Oahu. It is a great, protected bay with clear water. I HIGHLY recommend going there early in the morning because that is when it is least crowded and also when the water tends to be the most clear. Have fun!

posted 1/5/2015 by gmyoch

My decision to travel to Hawaii will remain to be the best I have made this year.

From the historical sites of Oahu to the out-of-this-world volcanic landscape of the Big Island,

here are 20 tips to keep in mind the next time you head to Hawaii.

posted 3/18/2015 by travel_blogs

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