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Traveling to DV Dec 27th-Jan 3rd 2016/17 and had a few questions:

1) We live in the loud city and are looking for a secluded campground that is best for star gazing,ideas?

2) We have ~8 days (arriving in the pm on 27th) coming in from Vegas and leaving from Vegas. My thoughts were travel as far west into to the park from day one and work our way north then east out from Furnace Creek back to fly out from Vegas. Ideas about where we should spend the most time seeing as we like hiking/stargazing and seclusion?

3) We are torn BTW renting an RV or a sleeper van. We want a high clearance vehicle, as to not miss the hard to get at places but we like to have a few amenities (toilet/shower/cook our own meals). Ideas about which to rent? From what I read so far it isn't exactly necessary to have an RV and that they limit our options for camping.

4) NYE 2017 YAY! Any unusual events happing this NYE? Although we are looking for exclusion we also like to celebrate the NY properly:) Ideas?

5) Lastly, are there any secret places to see? Who would want to blab their best kept secrets about DV..but it was worth a shot.

Thanks in advance!

posted 11/5/2016 by swanket Death Valley National Park

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i See Death Valley it's beautiful place

posted 10/16/2017 by exploringtourismseo

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