How can I show to the internet brides I’ve taken photos of?


I’m an aspiring traveling photographer for just about anything. I’ve had experience in wedding, travel, and nature photography under the wing of my mentor and boss that I won’t disclose here. I’ve been under him for about 5 years now and I think it’s safe to say that I’m ready to spread my “wings and fly off.”

During my travels alongside him, I’ve taken hundreds photos which are mostly from weddings; since wedding photography is where the big bucks come in. I’ve now gotten a collection of portraits perfect for a personal portfolio. I was thinking of setting up my own wedding photography team as a way to earn capital for other opportunities. I know that events are where photography can earn large amounts of income so I’d want to start from there. The only question is, how can i show the internet brides I’ve taken photos of?

posted 6/21/2018 by elly1979 United States of America

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Asked: 6/21/2018
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