How do I ask her to go on a trip with me?


This chain of gas stations in town is holding a win free tour contest, with each receipt basically a raffle entry. One of their representatives called me up at work yesterday to let me know that I’d won the free all-expense paid tour for two persons to any state within the US, so I was thinking of asking this girl at work that I really like. The only problem is, they specifically said that the trip is romance themed for a couple, and I feel like she sees me as just one of her buddies.

Admittedly, I’ve liked her for while now and this seems like the perfect opportunity to make a move, especially since she’s been saying how she wants to take a break from work for a few days. How do I ask her without seeming too obvious about my feelings for her? I don’t want to freak her out, and I don’t really want to ask anyone else but her.

posted 7/27/2018 by coopertroy United States of America

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Asked: 7/27/2018
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